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DateLocationType of MatchNotes / Match Registration
01/05/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNDefensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society
01/12/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
01/26/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNFalling Steel
02/03/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
02/09/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
02/16/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNDefensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society
02/23/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNFalling SteelWe regret to inform all shooters that the Falling Steel match will be cancelled tomorrow due to range conditions. I contacted the range about the conditions and there is standing water on the pistol bays.
03/02/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
03/09/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
03/16/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNZombie Hose Fest
03/17/2019Mt. Pleasant, TN.22 Rifle / Pistol Sunday match is cancelled.
03/23/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA - All Classifier Match
03/30/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNFalling Steel
04/06/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNDefensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society
Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
04/20/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNClosed for Easter
04/21/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNClosed for Easter
04/27/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
05/04/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
Spring - Man vs Man / Team vs Team Steel Shootout
05/11/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNGlock Match Practice
All Guns can participate
Mt. Pleasant, TNMusic City Shootout - IX
Mt. Pleasant, TNRed, White & Blue Steel Match
*Note: Match is cancelled due to work. Enjoy your time with the family and give thanks to those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms
06/01/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
06/08/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
06/15/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNFalling Steel
06/22/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
06/29/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNMan vs Man / Team vs Team Steel Shootout
07/06/2019Mt. Pleasant, TN4th of July Red, White & Blue Falling SteelMatch is cancelled due to my daughter's birthday.
07/13/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
07/20/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNRifle MatchCancelled
07/27/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
08/03/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNDefensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society
08/10/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
08/17/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
08/24/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
08/31/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNNo match - Camping, Playing golf or practicing on Dickson property
09/07/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA - Pre TN Sectional Match
09/14/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNDefensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society
09/21/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNMult-Gun
09/28/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
10/05/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel - Cancelled
10/12/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
10/19/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNNight Match
10/26/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
11/02/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNNo Match Scheduled - 20 year anniversary on 11/05
11/09/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
11/16/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
11/23/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
11/30/2019Mt. Pleasant, TN.22 Rifle or Pistol Run and GunCancelled
12/07/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNDefensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society
12/08/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNSpeed Steel
12/14/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA
12/21/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNFalling Steel
12/28/2019Mt. Pleasant, TNUSPSA