Equipment Guidelines

Required Equipment

9mm/38 special handgun or larger in safe working condition

3 magazines minimum (speed loaders for a revolver)

2 magazine or speed loader carriers that ride on a belt

Belt holster for the gun you are bringing: No cross draw or shoulder holsters allowed

Usually 100+rounds of ammo, but if possible bring 150

Protective eye and ear wear is a must

Comfortable clothing so you can move easily

Things that are expected

All participants will assist with setting up or breaking down material according to the bay captain. (No one wants to do all of the setup every week. Helping out bay captains makes things start earlier so everyone can get out earlier)

All participants will reload their magazines at the beginning of the next stage/bay. There will be sufficient time to reload before starting the next section.

All participants will paste and reset targets. There should be at least 2-3 people performing this while the rest of the squad are collecting brass from the ground. If the shooter does not reload or want the brass that he/she just shot, then whoever wants it keeps it. Let’s keep the range as clean as possible.

Brass is picked up after the match only.