Range Rules

Posted Range Rules shall be followed by all guests and members.

1.  We have a ZERO tolerance policy in effect.  We are a COLD range!  Absolutely NO loaded weapons shall be on your person at the range.  If you show up to the range with a loaded weapon, find a safety officer immediately to unload the weapon.

2.  No handling of firearms will be allowed for ANY reason unless directed by the safety officer at the firing line or in the marked safe areas.

3.  No ammo handling is allowed in the marked safe areas.

4.  We are a 180 degree club (if your muzzle goes beyond 180 degrees, you are handling your weapon in an unsafe manner.)  This will result in a disqualification.

5.  Dropping a loaded or unloaded firearm is considered handling your weapon in an unsafe manner and will result in a disqualification.

6.  Chamber flags are required for all rifles and shotguns and are available at the range.

7.  Range brass may be picked up after the match only.

8.  Members parking is on the top of the range.  Non-member parking is available across the bridge and in the field below the range.

9.  If you park in the member parking lot and are a non-member, you will be asked to move.  Failure to do so will result in immediate removal from the range.

**Note: Any violations of the above policies will result in a disqualification from any and all shooting activities immediately including side matches.  Repeated violations will result in removal from the range permanently!**