Falling Steel

In addition to the Defensive Carbine & Action Pistol Society, USPSA, IDPA and Steel Challenge matches, Music City Tactical Shooters also offers a regulated selection of outlaw style matches.  The three most common styles of these are: (1) Run-N-Gun matches that are a hybrid of USPSA style rules with IDPA style targets and scoring, (2) Falling Steel matches which can be Man Vs Man or Team Vs Team style, Par Time Challenges, or Quickest Shooter Wins, and (3) our ever popular Zombie Matches.  Please check back often for updates on when we will host these style matches.

Match Fees for Club Matches are $15.00 for MCTS Members and $25.00 for Non-Members. Specialty Matches like Man vs Man & Team vs Team is normal pricing for all competitors.