• Secret City IDPA 2015
    (L to R back row)
    Rick Kyle – 5th place CDP MA
    Matthew Stewart – 4th place CDP SS
    John Mecklenburg – 17th place ESP SS
    Michael Bresson – 1st place SSP EX bump to Master
    Stanley Hodgin Jr. – 7th place SSP SS
    Doug Crabtree – 2nd place SSP MM bump to SS
    (Front Row)
    William King Drummond – 1st place SSP SS bump to EX
    Missing from the club photo….Terry Cheney – 14th place SSP MM
  • AR State IDPA 2015

    Rick Kyle – 1st place SSP MA and High Senior award(5th Overall)
    Michael Bresson – 2nd place ESP EX(7th Overall)
    William King Drummond – 1st place CDP SS bump to EX.
    Todd Fox – CCP 1st place SS
    Stanley Hodgin – SSP 3rd Place SS
    Terry Cheney (not pictured) – SSP 3rd place MM




by Bliss Drive Review