Rick Kyle

I started shooting IDPA a few years back when I attended a Music City Tactical Shooters (MCTS) match. My main purpose was simply to learn to shoot better and to possibly find a hobby. I had purchased a pistol and thought it was my responsibility to know how to use it better. Prior to this, I had only shot rifles and shotguns for hunting, so IDPA was a totally new concept to me. After my first match, I realized I had a lot to learn and was motivated by my desire to improve. Over the years, I learned to not be driven so much by the competition but instead by pushing myself to improve regardless of how I placed. I like the competition but winning isn’t my main goal during a match. I always try to focus on the process of shooting. I was always a mid-level shooter until I realized the importance of dry-fire practice and the mental aspects of shooting. The first match trophy I ever won was 1st place SSP EX at the Masters in 2010. I am currently classified Master in SSP, ESP and CDP but I know I still have a lot to learn and I remain an avid student of the sport.

I am very thankful to be associated with Music City Tactical Shooters as one of their sponsored shooters. The club works hard to be one of the top IDPA clubs in the southeast by providing a great shooting experience for everyone. Challenging stages and matches are a hallmark of MCTS and this has made me a better shooter, and it can you too. I look forward to representing MCTS and being available to help and support all the members with their shooting needs. I am always available to answer questions and/or provide guidance to help you become a better shooter. See you on the range.

Rick Kyle – TEAM MCTS Captain and DCAPS/IDPA MD