Current schedule for June remaining:
3rd weekend USPSA (Saturday and Sunday)
4th weekend Outlaw Steel

New schedule starting in July 2015

Steel Challenge     Setup on our old side semi permanently for MCTS Members people to practice.  It can only be shot with pistol or pistol caliber carbine and will utilize 3 stages on Bay 1, 2 Stages on Bay 2, 1 stage on Bay 3 and 1 stage on Bay 7.    Bay 4, 5 and 6 will be used for practice bays for MCTS Members that wish to not shoot a particular discipline on match day.

1st Saturday IDPA
2nd Weekend Saturday USPSA
2nd Weekend Sunday USPSA
3rd Saturday Steel matches (outlaw steel or man vs man). This will be randomly changed to 3gun.
4th Weekend Saturday USPSA. This will be randomly changed to 3gun(2day events).
4th Weekend Sunday USPSA