Coon Creek property

We will no longer be shooting at Coon Creek Road property.  We have updated the website. The proposed price for the Coon Creek property is way over valued by the owner at $740K for 120 acres.  We have taken appropriate steps to move the club to a permanent land of 56 acres, yes new property…….ours meaning no one else can interfere with our matches.  It is easier to find and closer with mostly 4 lane highway.  We will be back to shooting this year.  This was a much needed break for some of the core group.
We have agreed to the price per a contract contingent on the county approving a shooting range.  We have submitted the paperwork for a new 56 acre shooting range.  Architecture plans have been completed and submitted.  We have been planning on a perm location for some time.  The staff and trusted confidants of Todd Fox, Jennifer Moore, Matt Stewart, Terry Cheney, Phillip Curtis, myself and my family all went to review the potential land.  I had to submit it 15 days before the council meeting.  It will be heard mid July and they fear there will be no opposition to our proposal.  We should be breaking ground early August 2017 with an initial 5 shooting bays just to get matches going.  The property can sustain many more bays, skeet/trap, bench rest, archery, and rifle range.  It is the perfect place we can grow exponentially.  It will be open to all members in good standings daily.  The current staff will look at the club by-laws for membership goals for the next year based on notes of every match this year.